AB Inflatables

When considering Aurora Inflatables boats, you are looking at a specialised design of inflatable boats developed in Australia, specifying the highest quality imported materials, in order to create a range of specialist RIBs and inflatable boats designed specifically for the Australian market.
Aurora inflatables are the culmination of years of development by an experienced team, who have a passion for inflatable boats. Only the best components including synthetic rubber (aka Hypalon ) from France and Japan, PVC from Germany, valves and oars from Italy, catalyst from Switzerland would do.
Aurora Inflatables team have been dealing with a diverse client base for many years, starting with the specialized needs of the special forces, military, rescue, racing and commercial markets , all of whom demand the highest standard in inflatable boats and RIBs. The development expertise delivers a sophisticated, refined and practical inflatable boat for the recreational market.
Over the year Aurora Inflatables have come to appreciate that the true designers of inflatable boat are, our customers. We listen to their comments, praise and criticism. Armed with their expectations we streamline our designs of inflatable boats and RIBs to suit our clients. We listen to what our clients want. The Aurora inflatable range is the product of this.